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Hey there, my name is Akash Kalra and I am the founder of Izart

As an Engineering graduate I used to work as a Data Analyst. My job was to build beautiful looking dashboards for business owners to understand their audience.

I was always fascinated with the storylines that could be developed to influence the list of demographics I was creating. Soon I realised that there is a considerable gap in the market of professionals operating in the intersection of data driven pragmatism and trailblazing creativity.

I thought I could fill that gap.

So I started freelancing with startups and helped them create data driven strategies to make the most of their content marketing efforts. This experience was so fulfilling that I started to build a team of like minded individuals to deliver scalable output. In December 2020, we founded Izart Content Services. Our goal is simple; help businesses grow with the power of CONTENT.

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